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With modern technology we combine environmental responsibility with
economic effectivity.

ECP Airtech purifies air and gas

We are an environmental technology company working in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We operate primarily in the power and energy production industry, the paper and pulp processing industry, as well as the iron, steel and mining industry.

We are specialized in manufacturing industrial systems for purifying dust and gas. Are you having problems with your filtering facility? Do you wish to discuss the possibilities of a completely new facility? Let us help you!
Together with our Finnish sister company ECP Group OY and strategically selected cooperation partners, our ambition is to be a leading actor on the Nordic market, and help our customers reach current and future emission standards.
“Our environmental responsibility includes continuous lowering of our own and our customers’ impact on the environment. We act as a green adviser by helping our customers finding the best available technology for sustainable service – today as well as tomorrow.”
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Sustainable products and services

Complete filtering facilities our qualified electrical regulations? With many years of competence and experience, we offer you solutions tailored to your unique wishes and needs. We also provide maintenance work and spare part deliveries, regardless of supplier.

Green Solutions

ECP AirTech actively strive towards a sustainable and ecological development. This is done partly by taking responsibility for our own activities, but also by acting as a green advisor for our customers.

​​​​​​​In order to meet the demands from environmentally conscious actors and help choosing climate smart alternatives, ECP AirTech has developed a unique concept for eco-friendly products and services. This is what we call Green Solutions. With Green Solutions, we always provide our customers an alternative answer which minimizes the environmental impact on the work we perform.
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