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Everyone carries a responsibility to contribute towards a better environment and to actively work towards minimizing climate impact. For this reason, ECP AirTech works for a long term, more sustainable and ecological development by taking responsibility not only for our own activities, but also by acting as green adviser for our clients. In order to meet the demands from our environmentally conscious clients and to help anyone looking to choose eco-friendly alternatives, ECP AirTech has developed a unique concept for environmentally friendly services and products. This is what we call Green Solutions. With Green Solutions, we always provide our customers an alternative answer which minimizes the impact our assignments have on the environment.

With Green Solutions, we mainly focus on the following areas:
  • Actively strive to reduce the energy use of our clients
  • Reducing the environmental impact on our own activities
  • Pursuing structured environmental work
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Our responsibility

We meet today’s environmental demands without lowering our ability to continue our business in the future. Working sustainably means that we take responsibility for the company’s activities from a wider perspective, where we acknowledge the consequences of the decisions we make – both short term and long term.

We take a large responsibility for our own activities and the impact we have on the environment and the community. Our work with sustainability is done economically, socially and environmentally. By working actively and structurally in these three fields, we contribute to a stable and sustainable development over time.

Business responsibility – for economic sustainability
We take responsibility for a safe and profitable development in the long term while also having healthy business morals. This does not only provide assurance for the owners, but also our clients, suppliers and coworkers, all of whom can trust in the stable development of the company.

Social responsibility – for social sustainability
We contribute towards a better community by being an attractive and responsible employer, and by actively inspire our suppliers to be the same.

Environmental responsibility – for ecological sustainability
Our environmental responsibility includes continuous lowering of our own and our customers’ impact on the environment. We act as a green adviser by helping our customers finding the best available technology in order to lessen their environmental impact in our line of work. Our responsibility is reflected in the demands we set on our suppliers.

Policy for sustainability

  • We shall conduct business that is safe, professional and environmentally friendly.
  • We shall continue to build competence and improve our assortment of services within the economic, social and environmental field with the purpose to open new markets and create commercial possibilities.
  • We shall be a responsible and improving employer.
  • We shall meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • We shall integrate sustainability in the technical expertise, the advice we give and solutions we provide our customers.
  • We shall, from a moral and ethical approach, develop and grow in a organic and profitable way.
  • We shall demand our most important suppliers to improve the sustainability on the products and services we buy.
  • We shall always provide correct and relevant information.
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